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Oncrawl BI

Drive better strategic decision-making through business intelligence and data analysis by making your Oncrawl data available wherever you need it.

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Track KPIs evolution over time with full historic

Go beyond a simple snapshot between two crawls and identify trends over time by adding as many crawls data as you want. Estimate contribution of SEO to your business KPIs and measure the ROI of your SEO efforts.

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Share SEO data with other company’s departments

Integrate directly with your own data visualization solutions for sharing with all business units and get different teams on board around shared goals: marketing but also product, sales, engineering or shareholders and c-levels.

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Integrate strategic complimentary data to your SEO reporting

We operate a vendor-agnostic approach so you can feed SEO data into your data lake without restriction, allowing you to monitor different channels in one quick eye. Add private data like revenues or conversions data directly to your data visualisation solutions to compare with crawl reports.

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Get all your data available anywhere

We don’t truncate your data so that you can export anything and access your data anywhere. Export all your data from crawl, logs, analytics solution, or Google Search Console at one time and add up to 1200 columns and more in Parquet or CSV formats spread on multiple servers.

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Benefit from built-in access for seamless connections

Use our collection of ready-to-use connectors to Data Studio and Dataïku or templates for Tableau Software and Power BI to start working on data visualisations. We offer secure and GDPR compliant connections.

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Connect to leading BI solutions

Thanks to Big Data Exports, you can connect to Google Cloud Storage from GCP and to S3 from AWS, bridging the gap to other BI solutions such as SnowFlake, Microsoft PowerBI, Looker, and more. This solution is fully automated, scalable and fault-tolerant. Moreover, exports can be monitored, which opens the door to the creation of complex workflows and data pipelines with event-based triggers.

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Oncrawl BI connects with leading solutions

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" I have no doubt that data science will become a strong asset for every digital marketer, especially SEO specialists. This technology makes reliable decisions based on actual data possible, bringing a real competitive advantage to all companies that use it. "
Vincent Terrasi Directeur Produit chez Oncrawl

Oncrawl BI tackles your SEO challenges

Track market trends

Align your strategy to online market search trends and increase your profitability

Demonstrate the ROI of SEO

Clearly demonstrate the results of SEO projects and their impact on business goals

Oncrawl BI is a product in the Oncrawl Genius suite

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Oncrawl BI

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