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Make accurate predictions for SEO

Justify investment in SEO and predict the results of a project. 

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4 Pre-coded machine learning modules
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1 Ready-to-adapt predictive SEO project

Is forecasting a necessary part of a good SEO strategy?

Since the objective of SEO is to drive quality traffic from search engines to a website, estimating how much traffic you can have in the future is extremely useful, particularly for websites whose traffic is directly related to revenue, such as in the case of online publishers and e-commerce sites.

How Oncrawl data leads to better SEO predictions

At Oncrawl, we know that you need to make accurate predictions in the fields of search and SEO to better understand which projects to prioritize and when. But not all prediction algorithms work the same way. The project available in Oncrawl Labs uses Facebook Prophet because we tested several and found that, for keyword and traffic data, it worked well.

Oncrawl also walks you through the steps of setting up historical events — from repeating patterns like seasonality, to one-time events including search engine algorithm updates and major on-site projects — adjusting their influence and their likelihood of recurring. If you’re new to machine learning, or to prediction, Oncrawl Labs will get you off to the right start when it comes to taking into account exceptional events and seasonality.

What do you need to make accurate SEO predictions?

" Oncrawl is a tool that is complete, complex, and powerful. It allows us to get an overview of our site and to have a broad vision of all of the issues that an SEO might encounter. Oncrawl helps me save time, to be certain that the website is heading in the right direction, and that we won’t encounter technical regressions or other problems in production.
Fabien Bougault Head of SEO at RegionsJob (HelloWork)

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