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Track market trends

Understand market impact to better evaluate the pertinence of an SEO project or adjust the timing of SEO work.

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Should you be tracking search trends in your industry?

Tracking search trends is extremely useful in industries with cyclical or seasonal behavior, such as the travel or ecommerce industries. Studying trends is also useful whenever major changes affect your industry, such as new legislation or global events. For example, using information from Google Trends merged with SEO performance data for your website, it’s possible to detect when a new travel destination begins to take off.

Why use Oncrawl data to track market trends?

Using SEO data to align your strategy to online market search trends helps increase your profitability and the ROI of SEO actions. Oncrawl offers both the backlog of your history of crawl and performance data, as well as the right connections to make it possible to track and view search trends. Through Oncrawl Labs, machine learning projects from our research and development teams give you concrete examples of how working with SEO trends can be applied to SEO.

What do you need to track market trends?

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Oncrawl Labs

Integrate guided machine learning projects into your own SEO process to better understand how market behavior affects your site.

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