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Connect to data warehouses and cloud storage

Ensure that SEO data can be used for business purposes and drive strategic decision-making

All features included – No strings attached
3 non-proprietary export formats
1000+ fields accessible by API

Does your company need a link between SEO and DWH or cloud storage like Google Cloud Storage?

If your company uses a data warehouse (DWH), your SEO data should be included! Likewise, if you’re already using cloud storage, such as Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3, to store website-related data, it’s definitely time to make sure your SEO platform is connected.

Why use Oncrawl to facilitate connections between SEO data and cloud storage or data warehouses?

Oncrawl is currently the only market SEO player to offer fully provide-agnostic connections to wherever your company stores its data. In other words, Oncrawl gives you access to all of your raw data, in fully readable formats used by data warehouses and data science tools. There are no strings, just your data ready to play with. Our goal is to make sure that whatever you need or want to do with your SEO data, you can.

What do you need to be able to connect SEO data to data warehouses?

SEO Crawler picto

Oncrawl SEO Crawler

Crawl massive websites with or without JavaScript, and integrate extensive URL-related data.

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Oncrawl SEO Log Analyzer

Analyze how search engines and organic traffic interact with your site, based on the factual evidence in your server logs.

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OnCrawl BI

Connect to BI, data visualization and data science platforms, as well as to cloud storage and data warehouses.

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" I've been using Oncrawl for more than 18 months and I can recommend it with clear conscience to all SEO Specialists/Analysts. One of the main advantages of the tool is the possibility of combining huge crawl data (+10M) with thousands of log server lines, backlinks, PPC data or anything you can imagine. "
Wojciech Krepa SEO Manager at ACN

Companies like yours use Oncrawl to connect to data warehouses and cloud storage