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Use SEO to beat the competition in classified ads and job listings

SEO is your biggest source of traffic, where big improvements can have even bigger impacts.

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Manage indexing and indexability

  • Use evidence to decide whether or not to index individual listings
  • Monitor whether pages are indexable and indexed by search engines

Prevent crawl waste and reduce the time between publication and the first organic traffic

  • Discover where search engines spend the most time exploring your site
  • Measure the time between publication, discovery by search engines, and the first organic visit for key pages
  • Identify pages that don’t (or can’t) draw organic traffic, and reduce time that search engines spend exploring them

Manage expired pages and redirects

  • Ensure that your policy for handling expired pages is respected across your site
  • Check for broken links and soft 404s
  • Find and fix chains of redirects when the original pages have expired

Ensure a technically perfect user experience

  • Merge analytics and crawl data to find the technical elements that most influence user behavior
  • Track changes in page speed from one crawl to the next
  • Audit technical issues that can have a direct impact on user experience
Merge analytics and crawl data

How can a technical SEO platform help your classified ad site?

Track market trends

Align your strategy to online market search trends and increase your profitability

Optimize internal links

Build the ideal site structure thanks to a detailed understanding of page importance, internal linking strategy, PageRank, and more

What do you need to improve SEO for sites listing short-lived offers?

Oncrawl SEO Crawler

Run a complete crawl of your site to have a clear look at your site architecture and your internal linking strategy. Use these insights to optimize the flow of link equity on your site.

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Oncrawl SEO Log Analyzer

Never waste crawl budget again and gain a perfect handle on how long it takes between publication of a listing, discovery by Google, and the first organic traffic.

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Oncrawl Data³

Analyze your site from a business perspective by including profitability and conversion data in your SEO analyses.

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Oncrawl Labs

Put machine learning to work for your SEO and be the first to know of new market trends or of unexpected performance on key metrics.

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" Oncrawl is a really easy-to-use tool for monitoring our site on a daily basis, whether it's for log analysis, anomaly detection or performance monitoring. The segmentation system is easy to use and really practical to perform different analyses on the fly. The tool is a great help to us on a daily basis to check the correct implementation of patches, improvements or even new features on our site. More importantly, it allows us to understand how Google sees our site and how it assimilates the changes we make every day. What's more, the Oncrawl team is always available and ready to listen when needed! "
Jérémy Laraque SEO Project Manager at Aramis Auto

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