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The role of a Data Scientist in a successful SEO business strategy

Enrich your company’s data through SEO to boost your business returns.

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30mn demo with our team tailored to your needs

Ensure your access to complete, documented data related to SEO

Populate your models with raw data

Pull large volumes of data from the Oncrawl API, or use appropriately dimensioned exports to cloud storage. By not restricting your use of raw data, Oncrawl ensures that you can populate complete models for other departments.

Get access to pre-built data science models

If you prefer to rely on prebuilt data science models in order to configure them on your own platform, our R&D department has a solution for you in Oncrawl Labs. You can find functionalities here long before they’re available in commercial tools.

Take advantage of BI connectors

At Oncrawl, we know you need to pull complete and relevant data to respond to the needs of a specific department or business issues. Our connectors for your most common tools help you ensure that your data is both complete, and accessible where you want it. OnCrawl uses industry standard data formats such as Apache Parquet so that you can start building experiments without the need of all the tedious data preparation which is often required and time consuming (and boring).

Get exactly what you need to succeed

Useful examples

Oncrawl Labs offers projects based on real-life examples developed, documented and tested by technical SEOs and data scientists. There’s no need to start with a blank slate if you’re looking for inspiration.

Full documentation

Oncrawl’s fully documented exports and fields make it easy for you to get to work.

Full access to raw data in useable formats

Oncrawl guarantees access to your raw data in formats you can use. We offer complete and provider-agnostic exports so that you can use your SEO data to build data-oriented solutions outside of the Oncrawl platform.

How can a technical SEO platform help you?

Make accurate predictions for SEO

Make accurate predictions in the fields of search and SEO to better understand which projects to prioritize and when

Track market trends

Align your strategy to online market search trends and increase your profitability

Handle Big Data volumes for SEO

Rely on Big Data algorithms, properly scaled processes and architecture, and compatibility with your technological stack

What should be in your toolbox as a Data Scientist?

SEO Crawler picto

Oncrawl SEO Crawler

Collect extensive, usable, technical SEO data through regular, programmed crawls with award-winning crawl technology.

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oncrawl labs picto

Oncrawl Labs

Discover cutting-edge ways to apply data science to SEO using ready-made machine learning projects and adaptable models.

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Oncrawl BI picto

Oncrawl BI

Connect SEO and data analysis through seamless data delivery to BI users, avoiding coding, custom scripting, and ungoverned access.

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Oncrawl Developer picto

Oncrawl Developer

Build custom solutions with an API created for SEO, including Big Data export formats and compatibility with cloud storage platforms.

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" I have no doubt that data science will become a strong asset for every digital marketer, especially SEO specialists. This technology makes reliable decisions based on actual data possible, bringing a real competitive advantage to all companies that use it.
Vincent Terrasi Product Director at Oncrawl

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