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Making the most impact as Head of SEO in an agency environment

Benefit from the most reliable suite of tools to quickly analyze and make SEO recommendations for multiple client sites.

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All features included – No strings attached

Save time to focus on getting results

Produce polished reports with minimal effort

You are responsible for auditing a large portfolio of websites, but you don’t have time to manage manual tasks. Oncrawl produces dashboards and graphics for over a thousand metrics in professional-looking results directly out of the box that can be easily repeated for new clients.


Draw fresh conclusions with cross-analysis

Oncrawl’s cross-analysis helps you draw fresh conclusions from blended data. For example, you can facilitate Googlebot’s navigation path and crawl performance using our Log Analyzer. You can also have access to native connections to third party datasets to provide the perfect in-depth analysis : Analytics solutions (Adobe, IT internet, GA), GSC, Majestic, Data Studio… Everything you need for strategic SEO improvements.

Make your needs and feedback heard

Learning how to use a new tool can be time consuming. Thanks to the Oncrawl Rocket Program training, you will quickly master the features and metrics of thel tool in order to maximize the monitoring and improvement of your SEO performance. You’ll work with a dedicated team at Oncrawl, making it easy to reach reactive support by experienced technical SEOs who work directly with the product team to make sure your feedback and feature requests are taken into account. Or join the Oncrawl Agency Program for a closer relationship and support for your agency’s specific objectives.


Scale your process to multiply success

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Easy report sharing

You will obtain ready-to-use audit results in Oncrawl’s app that can be shared as-is with clients. Save time and get access to dashboards and graphics for everything. Now it’s easy to show your clients the results of your SEO actions.

Clear graphics to show the value of recommended SEO implementations

With Oncrawl, you have the right KPIs to demonstrate the value of your recommendations: before and after comparisons, ROI, increased revenue… Your clients will understand much more easily your impact on their business.

Repeatable SEO process across multiple large projects

When you implement a SEO process that works, you want to be able to scale it. With Oncrawl, you can quickly put in place SEO cross-analysis that can be reused in any client project, with the help of reusable segmentations, dashboards templates, and more. Save time using the right tool for you.

How can a technical SEO platform help you?

Audit internal links

Build the ideal site structure thanks to a detailed understanding of page importance, internal linking strategy, PageRank, and more

Track market trends

Align your strategy to online market search trends and increase your profitability

What should be in your toolbox as Head of SEO at an agency?

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Oncrawl SEO Crawler

Rely on a world-class crawler and reusable settings, from segmentation to dashboarding to scrawl scheduling, in order to create as many projects as you need for the websites you manage.

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Oncrawl Data³

Integrate additional data to include your key indicators in crawl data, whether performance data from Analytics solutions or Google Search Console, extra information from your databases, or information on external backlinks.

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Oncrawl BI

Connect your crawl data to outside data visualization tools, including Google Data Studio, to make reporting easy to scale and adapt across websites.

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" I use Oncrawl for all of my clients' accounts. It helps me surface problems, identify issues, and offer fast solutions, often before the client even knows they have an issue. The crawl over crawl feature is invaluable to me, since it shows very quickly what has changed since the last time the crawl ran. Being able to zero in on what has changed, while filtering out the areas I'm already aware of, has increased my productivity and made me a more effective auditor.
Jenny Halasz President and Founder of JLH Marketing

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