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How Project Managers ensure SEO success

Benefit from the most reliable suite of tools to quickly analyze and report on your clients’ SEO performance.

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Build a repeatable, reliable SEO process

If you’re managing multiple SEO projects, it needs to be easy to set up new client accounts and to run the process for all of the projects you manage. Oncrawl’s project-oriented setup makes it simple.


Obtain professional, ready-to-use results

You need to quickly access user-friendly and actionable SEO dashboards and reports. Oncrawl provides ready-to-use audit results that can be shared as-is with clients or colleagues, as well as thematic dashboards so you can see everything you need at a glance.


Spend your time on the tasks that matter most

Once your projects are set up, receive alerts of changes seen in scheduled crawls right in your inbox. Gain time by bookmarking the key dashboards and saving settings for the data that you need for your reports.


Increase revenues from SEO services

Predictable SEO costs

Keep the cost down for your agency’s SEO services by covering all your technical SEO needs in one place, with no surprises.

Easy sharing and use

Copy, download, or export all charts and the data behind them to integrate them into your agency’s branded reports and templates. Or, if it’s easier, generate a ready-made PDF report — or even simply share an SEO project directly with a client.

The next level in technical SEO

Through easy-to-read metrics and charts, you’ll gain technical SEO skills, raising the bar for your agency and your clients. And when you need it, you’re backed by Oncrawl’s support team made up of users and technical SEOs to help you boost the quality of your SEO audits.

How can a technical SEO platform help you?

Audit internal links

Build the ideal site structure thanks to a detailed understanding of page importance, internal linking strategy, PageRank, and more

Manage duplicate content

Use the same type of algorithms as Google to identify pages with similar or duplicate content, and ensure they’re sending the right signals to Google

What should be in your toolbox as SEO Project Manager?

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Oncrawl SEO Crawler

Program regular check-ups and check your website’s performance on all major technical SEO fronts. Easily compare two crawls to visualize the difference in key metrics.

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Oncrawl Log Analyzer

Monitor Googlebot to understand exactly how Google sees your site and find out which technical SEO elements directly influence indexing on your site.

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Oncrawl Data³

Integrate additional data to include your key indicators in crawl data, whether performance data from Analytics solutions or Google Search Console, extra information from your databases, or information on external backlinks.

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" We've learned how to do technical SEO through Oncrawl. Oncrawl has become the technical SEO validation for us. It's basically telling us if our content can do well or not.
It has helped AssoConnect discover key areas where we can do better. For example, we knew page speed was important, but we discovered the impact that optimizing images could have through Oncrawl.
In short, Oncrawl has become our main tool to make sure that our intuitions about SEO are correct. "
Patricia Seidel SEO Project Manager at Springly

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