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The role of a Data Analyst in SEO decisions

Gather, present, and analyze data to produce meaningful dashboards by getting control over your data.

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Discover what Oncrawl can do for your website’s ROI

Easily use SEO data in data analysis

Access all the information provided by your SEO tool

As a data analyst, your role is to gather and interpret data to create impactful reports. With Oncrawl, you will have access to all the information in only one tool: Oncrawl doesn’t limit, truncate or sample your data. You have everything you need at your fingertips to produce meaningful dashboards.


Get pre-processed and quality SEO data

You have better things to do than gathering data and standardizing it. Using Oncrawl, you have access to up-to-date data in standard formats, so you can focus on interpretations and analysis. Quickly building easy-to-understand reports to support decision-making has never been easier!


Get exactly what you need to succeed

Ready-to-use connectors

You collect data from various sources and need to gather in your BI platform. Oncrawl offers connectors to many popular BI and analytics platforms, as well as cloud storage buckets:

  • Dataiku
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Blob, Amazon S3
  • Formats for Tableau, Power BI

Efficient dashboards and templates

If you want to create visualizations and dashboards in other tools, Oncrawl will help you make sure you have the data to establish correlations and find insights:

  • Data Studio connection
  • API access for all URL metrics
  • Pre-coded machine learning projects in Oncrawl Labs

How can a technical SEO platform help you?

What should be in your toolbox as a Data Analyst?

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Oncrawl Labs

Discover cutting-edge ways to apply data science to SEO using ready-made machine learning projects and adaptable models.

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Oncrawl BI

Connect SEO and data analysis through seamless data delivery to BI users, avoiding coding, custom scripting, and ungoverned access.

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Oncrawl Developer

Build custom solutions with an API created for SEO, including Big Data export formats and compatibility with cloud storage platforms.

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" Oncrawl provides us with the data we used to spend hours to collect, organise and present in a single click; enabling us to slice and dice information in a more efficient way. With Oncrawl we found a solution that merges technical data from crawls with user behaviour in a way that has enabled centralisation of our SEO efforts in a new and more efficient way. "
Stefan Persson Head of SEO at BHG Group

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